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MonkeyPod Trees

The monkeypod tree is the signature of Koloa Town. The trees line Koloa, Weliweli, Waikomo and Po‘ipu Roads.  They enhance the character and atmosphere of Hawai‘i’s first plantation town.

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Historic Hapa Road Walk

Hapa Road at the land lying to the east and west. Archeologists have named this 650 plus acres the Koloa Field system. Annual rainfall is between 35-60 inches here. The area has been known, in modern times, to be inferior for agriculture because of poor soil and arid climatic conditions.

Over two hundred years ago, impressive descriptions of this same area on either side of Hapa Road, were given by the first westerners to Kaua’i who set eyes on na ahupua’a o Koloa a Weliweli from their ships anchored at Hanaka’ape Bay.



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